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KAGA (Europe) Electronics LTD

Kaga ( Europe ) Electronics has been established in the European area since August 2002. The demand for a high quality electronics distributor with strong far eastern links was the reason Kaga (Europe) Electronics was set up in Europe.

With the HQ based in Wokingham, UK. Kaga also has a number of third party companies working as local representatives in the European area. It is Kaga's aim is to be leading of quality components, electronics and service.

Kaga ( Europe ) Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaga Electronics Co Ltd. Tokyo, Japan.

KAGA World

As an independent general trading company that specializes in electronics, Kaga Electronics has been expanding its operations since it first opened its doors in 1968 to stay attuned to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Kaga Electronics’ group network has a global reach, which primarily consists of bases in Japan, other parts of Asia, the US and Europe. There are more than 50 operating companies in Japan and abroad which carry out the activities of Kaga Electronics. In addition to procuring electronic parts and semiconductors from manufacturers around the world, we also provide supplementary services to clients to support their planning, development, production and marketing of electronic devices.

Going forward we aim to provide products and services that exceed the expectations of our clients. We look to more-than-satisfy their needs by tapping into the unique strengths and specialized knowledge of group companies and by reaping the benefits of synergies from close-knit mutual support system.”